Collaborate with your Marketing and Advertising partners Securely.

CipherMode empowers organizations to collaborate with their ecosystem partners on customer data, without sacrificing security, privacy, and control.

Collaborate on first-party data with your ecosystem partners on Match and Machine Learning processes, without compromising on data security.

Keep your data encrypted

Encryption at-rest and in-transit is table stakes. With CipherMode, keep your data encrypted even during processing.

No need to move your data

Need to move your data to a different cloud in a different region? Or move to a third-party just to collaborate? With CipherMode, keep your data in your environment.

Stay in control

Sending customer data files to partners for collaboration? You lose control over how the files get used. With CipherMode, remain in control of your data.

Don’t sacrifice accuracy

Other privacy preserving methods introduce noise in your dataset. Do you want almost accurate results? With CipherMode, get fully accurate results.


Customer Insight

Get a broader understanding of customers, and their demographics, allowing you to plan for your campaigns better.


Data Onboarding & Enrichment

Amplify your marketing and advertising campaign outreach and performance, by expanding your audience and personalizing experiences.



Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns through attribution, and make quick decisions to optimize future campaigns.

How can collaborating with us help you?

For Brands

Leverage your partners' data to understand what customers are buying, and get in front of them the next time they are making a purchase in-store or online.

For Identity Vendors & Data Providers

Provide a quick "match rate" to your customers to demonstrate the capability of your graph, without losing control of your assets built over time.

For Retailers

Identify high-value customers from your purchase data, and create targeted campaigns for your CPG clients across a variety of your digital channels.

For Broadcasters and Publishers

Provide better audience targeting and more complete & accurate measurement of ad placements for your advertisers, to continue a strong relationship.